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Term & Conditions

Privacy & Policy
Welcome to Buraq Technology LLC Oman. If you continue to browse and use our app/Buraq24 app you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy.
In the event there is a conflict between the terms and conditions specified herein and the provisions of any other document executed between the parties hereto, the terms and conditions specified herein would prevail.
The following definitions apply to the terms and conditions set out below that govern this contract of Carriage between you and us.
"We", "us", "our", "Carrier", Buraq24 shall refer as Buraq Technology LLC and it’s online service.
You, your, consignor shall refer to the sender, consignor or consignee of the Consignment, holder of this Consignment Note, receiver and owner of the contents of the Consignment or any other party having a legal interest in those contents, as the case may be.
"Carriage" means and includes the whole of the operations and services undertaken by Drivers, Operators (Transport Companies) connected through Buraq24 app in connection with the Consignment.
"Consignment" means any package, parcel, satchel, or freight which is or are given to and accepted by us for carriage under our Consignment Note. Moreover, it can also include Water Tankers and Gas Cylinders.
Dangerous Goods means goods classified as dangerous which may create any harms or as per the law of countries operations of transport.
Delivery means the tender of the consignment to the consignee or intimation about the arrival of the consignment.
"Prohibited Items" means any goods or materials, the Carriage of which is prohibited by any law, rule or regulation of Sultanate of Oman and all Gulf Countries.
Receiver or Consignee shall refer to the recipient or addressee or the consignee of the Consignment.
Use Of Our Services

The following Terms & Conditions shall apply to customers utilizing the Services offered by the Company for the hiring of Heavy Vehicles, Water Tankers and Gas Cylinder vehicles.
Buraq Technology LLC is dedicated to facilitating Customers and Drivers connectivity by using the technology for the Goods carriage while Buraq Technology LLC will not take any responsibility of any country’s Law’s Violation by it’s Customers or Drivers or any other person using Buraq24 app, any person violating law will be treated by the competent authorities.
The customer shall pay the fare (as agreed on the app), additional weighting charges for the heavy vehicles if the weighting time increases more then 24 hrs, the weighting charges will be OMR 2/hour which will be counted after 24 hours of waiting (arrival) time.
Buraq Technology (Buraq24) will not take any responsibility of Goods damages, breakdown, wastage or any loss or any accident, breakdown and delay, any company’s (Customer’s) or (Hirer’s of Trucks) Policies and procedures violations.
The customer agrees and accepts that the use of the Services provided by the Company is at the sole risk of the Customer, and further acknowledges that the Company disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.
The customer shall ensure that he/she will not indulge in any of the following activities while availing the service:
Soiling or damaging the body and/or any other interiors of the Vehicles.
Misusing, soiling or damaging any of the devices (technical/non-technical) in the truck.
Asking the driver to break any Traffic or Government rules for any purpose. The driver has the right to refuse such a request by the customer. The driver also has the right to refuse such a pick-up.
Pressurizing the driver to overload truck with the consignment than the allowed limit.
The Customer shall indemnify Company from and against and in respect of any or all liabilities, losses, charges and expenses (including legal fees and costs on a full indemnity basis) claims, demands, actions and proceedings which Company may incur or sustain directly or indirectly from or by any reason of or in relation to the use or proposed use of the Services by the Customer and shall pay such sums on demand on the Company.
The Company is hereby authorized to use the location based information provided by any of the telecommunication companies when the Customer uses the mobile phone to make a Vehicles booking. The location based information will be used only to facilitate and improve the probability of locating a Vehicles for the Customer.
The Company shall be entitled to disclose to all companies within its group, or any government body as so required by the law or by directive or request from any government body, the particulars of the Customer in the possession of Company in any way as Company, in its absolute discretion, deems fit or if it considers it in its interests to do so.
The Company shall be entitled at any time without giving any reason to terminate the booking of the truck done by the Customer. User(s) shall indemnify BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN with respect to any expenses incurred with respect to such booking.
In case of lost items inside the Company during the journey, Company will try to locate the items on a "best-effort" basis but is not responsible for the same in case of loss or damage to the same. BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN aggregates its vehicles for the purposes of providing services. In the event of loss of any item, User(s) shall not have any right to withhold the payment to be made towards BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN. Further, in the event any payments from the User to BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN are pending for the period prescribed by BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN in its respective invoice, BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN reserves the right to exercise particular lien over the consignment till full payment is made to BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN for its services. Additionally, User(s) will be liable to indemnify BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN against any loss, damage or expenses incurred by us due to the custody of the consignment during this period.
Any complaint in respect of the Services or the use of the Vehicles, the Customer has to inform Company of the same in writing within 24hours of using the Vehicles or the Services of Company.
The Company shall not be liable for any conduct of the drivers of the Vehicles . However, the Company encourages you to notify it of any complaints that you may have against the driver that you may have hired using the Company's Services.
The Company shall be entitled to add to, vary or amend any or all these terms and conditions at any time and the Customer shall be bound by such addition, variation or amendment once such addition, variation or amendment are incorporated into these terms and conditions at Company's Buraq24 app, on the date that Company may indicate that such addition, variation or amendment is to come into effect.
All the calls made to the Company's call center are recorded by the Company for quality and training purposes. In the event You place a query on our app/Buraq24 app including query with respect to our Services, applicable fees or terms of Service, You hereby expressly agree to consent to receive our responses, whether by way of telephonic calls or electronic mail, to such query and all related information with respect to our Services. For the removal of doubts, related information shall include without limitation any marketing and/or commercial information.

Return & Refund Policy
The amount with the request of a customer will be returned subject to the banking charges and banking charges will be bear by the customer.
Cancellation Policy
Any customer who cancels the order the amount will be transferred back to the customer subject to the charges of the bank which will be bear by the customer.
Delivery Policy
Any order which is accepted in the customer paid if it is not delivered transaction amount will be delivered to the customer free of charge.
User Policy
User(s) means any individual or business entity/organization that legally operates in the Sultanate of Oman and all Gulf Countries or in other countries, uses and has the right to use the Services provided by BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN. The Services provided by BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN is a technology based service which enables the hiring of Vehicles by customers for a point to point service, or for time and usage based service within city limits and outside city limits, including inter-city all over Sultanate of Oman and all Gulf Countries, through the internet and / or mobile telecommunications devices. Our Services are available only to those individuals or companies who can form legally binding contracts under the applicable law. Therefore, user(s) must not be a minor as per Sultanate of Oman and all Gulf Countries Law; i.e. user(s) must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to use our Services.
BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN advises its users that while accessing the Online Buraq24 App, they must follow/abide by the related laws. BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN is not responsible for the possible consequences caused by your behavior during use of Online Buraq24 App. BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN may, in its sole discretion, refuse the service to anyone at any time.
This agreement applies to user(s) if user(s) are visitors, registered - free or paid user(s) who access the Online Buraq24 App for any purpose. It also applies to any legal entity, which may be represented by you under actual or apparent authority. User(s) may use this App solely for their own personal or internal purposes.
This agreement applies to all BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN Services offered on the Online Buraq24 App, collectively with any additional terms and conditions that may be applicable to the specific service used/accessed by user(s). In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between any provision of the terms and conditions mentioned herein with those of the particular service, the provisions of the terms and conditions applicable to such specific Services shall prevail.
BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN may change, modify, amend, or update this agreement from time to time without any prior notification to user(s) and the amended and restated terms and conditions of use shall be effective immediately on posting. If you do not adhere to the changes, you must stop using the service. Your continued use of the Services will signify your acceptance of the changed terms. User(s) shall also be bound by any amendment made in any policy or agreement from time to time, referred to in this Terms of Service.
All content on this Online Buraq24 App and website is the copyright of BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN except the third party content and link to third party Websites.
Systematic retrieval of BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN content to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database or directory (whether through robots, spiders, automatic devices or manual processes) without written permission from BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN is prohibited.
In addition, use of the content for any purpose not expressly permitted in this Agreement is prohibited and may invite legal action. As a condition of your access to and use of BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN's Services, you agree that you will not use the Online Buraq24 App service to infringe the intellectual property rights of others in any way. BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN reserves the right to terminate the account of a user(s) upon any infringement of the rights of others in conjunction with use of the BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN service, or if BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN believes that user(s) conduct is harmful to the interests of BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN, its affiliates, or other users, or for any other reason in BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN's sole discretion, with or without cause. You shall be liable to indemnify BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN for any losses or expenses incurred by BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN due to any infringement of intellectual property rights owned by BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN without prejudicing BURAQ TECHNOLOGY LLC OMAN ís right to bring any legal action against you.
Public Profile and Documents uploads Policy
Each Individual using this application will be restricted and blocked from using this application in case of violent, vulgar or any kind of inappropriate photo uploads for the purpose of the profile image, documents upload, etc and will also be taken severe action on the legal ground.